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Living Room Ceiling Water Damage

Soaked Ceiling Tiles From Broken Pipe

Older house water damage. Homeowner experienced a pipe leak in the ceiling, which created her drop down ceiling tiles to warp and soak, before spreading to other ceiling areas and walls. Our team came in immediately and removed all wet tiles and wood and placed down drying equipment.#teamluzzi #teamwork #waterremediation #waterloss

SERVPRO employees wipe down windows and walls after a fire damage

SERVPRO provides fire damage repair and cleaning services 24/7, locally serving your area.

Our team is trained to understand the best methods, cleaning products and equipment to use when restoring a property after a fire or puff back has damaged the property. Available 24/7, Locally Serving Your Area

SERVPRO trucks & vans in front of a beautiful country club

SERVPRO is available 24/7 when your property requires immediate attention

SERVPRO Fire Damage repair includes soot and smoke damage & odor removal. After a fire soot and smoke clean up and odor removal may be required throughout many areas of the property that were not directly affected by the source of the fire.

Stairwell with water damage on beige carpet

Oyster Bay Carpet Gets Restored After Water Damage

Most people consider the carpet in their homes an investment, and when water damage occurred in this Oyster Bay home, SERVPRO got brought in rapidly. The techs could extract the water and dry the house to make the damage "Like it never even happened."

Toilet in a bathroom with tile floor and white baseboards

Toilet Backup Brings Major Water Damage to Oyster Bay Home

The homeowner started the clean up soon after the water damage occurred in this Oyster Bay bathroom because water moves fast. It does not look like it from the photo, but there is significant seepage of contaminated water behind the baseboards, wicked into the sheetrock, and under the tile flooring.

Kitchen with brown cabinets and wood flooring

Water Damage on Wood Flooring in Oyster Bay Kitchen

After water damage happened to this wood floor in an Oyster Bay kitchen, the homeowners saved themselves the hassle and cost of replacing their floorboards by merely starting the restoration services soon after the damage occurred.

Fireplace and wall with areas of soot coverage

Puff Back Means Fire Damage Cleanup in Oyster Bay Home

It might look like a fire damage cleanup around this Oyster Bay fireplace. However, this results from a puff back, leaving a coating of pungent soot throughout the home. SERVPRO technicians have comprehensive experience handling this type of mitigation and can work on any surface.

Kitchen with extreme fire damage with building materials strewn around

Oyster Bay Kitchen has Extreme Charring

This kitchen in Oyster Bay had fire damage that spread rapidly and gutted every corner, including the floor and ceiling. SERVPRO technicians needed to use manual tools and air quality improvement equipment as the techs removed the room contents and stripped the charred building materials. 

Kitchen with massive fire damage plus soot on appliances and surfaces

Oyster Bay Kitchen Gets Struck With Fire Damage

Protein fires can do significant fire damage in a brief period in Oyster Bay kitchens. SERVPRO techs use their cleaning agents and expertise to save homeowners the cost of replacement for building materials and articles as much as possible during the restoration. 

Room with water and mold colonies on the staircase and walls

Vacant House Has Severe Storm Damage

A closed-up, vacant Oyster Bay house took on significant amounts of water, leaving a large amount of storm damage for SERVPRO to handle. Not only was there standing water, but it also created the perfect hosting environment for a colossal mold damage problem for the techs to mitigate.

Basement with standing water around boxes and chairs

Oyster Bay Basement Needs Fast Action Against Flood Damage

An Oyster Bay homeowner contacted SERVPRO for floodwater removal in their basement. As seen in the photo, several inches collected rapidly, and numerous articles needed removal out of harm's way. Fortunately, the techs have equipment for deepwater extraction and cleaning agents to sanitize the room for safe reuse.

Wet carpet by a staircase with filing cabinets and a black stool

Oyster Bay Carpet Soaks Up Incoming Flood Damage

When a large amount of floodwater entered this basement home office space, the homeowner brought in SERVPRO to clean up the flood damage. The techs were able to remove the furniture and save the homeowner the cost of replacing those items.

SERVPRO drying equipment in doorway of supply room

Oyster Bay Supply Room Gets Overnight Commercial Water Damage

This supply room was one of many areas in this Oyster Bay office that received commercial water damage after a sprinkler system malfunctioned. SERVPRO techs used their extraction and drying equipment to turn the situation around.

Gray commercial carpet with SERVPRO drying equipment

Professional Equipment Handles Oyster Bay Commercial Water Damage

The array of professional extraction and drying equipment makes the difference in how rapidly SERVPRO can dry an Oyster Bay professional office with commercial water damage in a conference room. The dehumidifier in this photo is porting away captured water vapor to dry the room faster.

Beige carpet with water by a chair

Oyster Bay Office With Commercial Water Damage Removal Needs

This office in Oyster Bay had a pipe burst, and it left pools of commercial water damage on the carpet. Fortunately, the office manager brought in SERVPRO techs quickly to remove the water and dry the structure, so they were able to save the carpet.

Wood with electrical cord and mold damage

Oyster Bay Interior Wall with Major Mold Damage

When a leak goes undetected, and water damage occurs, if the temperatures are supportive of growth, mold damage is usually not far behind. The wood in this home was covered in colony growth and needed full abatement procedures.

Mauve carpet with water spots and furniture

Oyster Bay Room with Water Damage Gets Restoration from SERVPRO 

After water damage invaded this Oyster Bay home and left a large amount of moisture in the carpet, the homeowner called on SERVPRO to handle the room's extraction and drying. The techs bring advanced equipment that can handle any size water removal and drying needs.

Carpet with water spots and wet furniture

Oyster Bay Basement with Major Water Damage

When water damage happens in Oyster Bay homes, sometimes the most favorable outcome results from early actions such as making the phone call for SERVPRO to extract the water and dry the room as quickly as possible. 

Water heater tank with mold damage on a wall behind it

Oyster Bay Laundry Room Leak Brings Mold Damage

When the homeowner investigated a slow leak in their Oyster Bay laundry room, they found water damage behind the appliances and a significant amount of mold damage that needed remediation by SERVPRO with their professional methods and equipment.

Showerhead by a wall with mold damage

Oyster Bay Shower Gets Help With Mold Damage

The sheetrock above this Oyster Bay shower had extensive mold damage that happened from the perfect storm of both poor ventilation and a small leak behind the showerhead. SERVPRO technicians removed the sheetrock and opened the walls for complete drying.

Wall with damaged sheetrock and mold damage

Oyster Bay Slow Leak Turns into Big Mold Damage Problem

This wall is an excellent example of how bad a small leak can cause water damage, which leads to the need for mold remediation. Mold growth spread quickly both outside and inside the wall cavity, causing the need for a controlled demolition to open the structure for drying.

Kitchen with SERVPRO air movers and dehumidifier

SERVPRO Brings Drying Equipment to Oyster Bay Water Damage

After a dishwater malfunction caused water damage to the flooring in this Oyster Bay kitchen, SERVPRO techs loaded their green service vans with all the equipment necessary to extract the water and dry the kitchen. A limited amount of the floor needed removal to dry the subfloor underneath.

Bathroom with white toilet and stains on baseboards

Oyster Bay Bathroom Needs Water Damage Help

When a toilet backs up in an Oyster Bay home, the longer it waits for cleanup, the more water damage that happens. SERVPRO technicians have the equipment and expertise to clean up and disinfect the bathroom for reuse by the homeowners after repairs get made.

Basement with pieces of wood floating in standing water

Floating Flood Damage in Oyster Bay Basement

The floodwater in this Oyster Bay basement collected rapidly and needed fast extraction. SERVPRO techs used their professional equipment to get the water out, and the basement dried. With their cleaning agents explicitly formulated for concrete and cinder block, they could fully restore this home.

Basement with standing water around brick support

Oyster Bay Basement Has Standing Floodwater

When the SERVPRO techs answered the call for help from a local Oyster Bay homeowner, they found nearly an inch of standing water that needed removal. Due to the time between the event and the call, water wicked into the walls, and the site required some controlled demo.

Room with game tables and damaged tile floor

Oyster Bay Basement with Flood Damage to Floor

Peel and stick tiles, as seen in his Oyster Bay basement, are an economical way to cover a concrete floor. However, when water exposure occurs, such as flood damage, they lose their grip rapidly and require removal so the substrate can get dried.

Room with random items and smoke damage on a wall with a window

Fire Damage in Oyster Bay Room Looks Overwhelming

One of the most significant stress factors for Oyster Bay homeowners after fire damage is seeing their house and knowing it needs a deep cleaning. In some cases, after a high heat fire that leaves substantial smoke damage, very little of building materials may have restoration potential.

Bathroom sinks and counters with heavy soot 

Oyster Bay Bathroom Needs Big Time Fire Damage Cleanup

The fire damage left behind in this Oyster Bay bathroom was significant, with a heavy coating of soot on much of the surface area. SERVPRO techs used multiple methods to turn the damage around and restore the bathroom, so it was ready for use by the homeowners again.

White boutique storefront with tables and chairs inside

Oyster Bay Storefront with Commercial Water Damage Needs Pack Out

When a small store in Oyster Bay had significant commercial water damage occur, the techs at SERVPRO arrived quickly to move out the contents of the store to a safe and secure location. Then they extracted the water and dried the premises.

Office entryway with large water spot on gray carpet

Leak Announces Itself as Commercial Water Damage in This Oyster Bay Office

Workers arrived to find an extremely wet carpet from a leak that dripped through the ceiling of this Oyster Bay office. The property owner brought in SERVPRO to extract the water and dry the area the same day and, as a result, did not lose any building materials.

Warehouse hallway with standing water

Oyster Bay Industrial Facility with Commercial Water Damage Gets Fast Attention

When the water began to rise in this Oyster Bay warehouse, the property owner acted quickly and brought in SERVPRO techs to extract the commercial water damage and dry the facility—beginning the cleanup efforts soon after the initial event limited the damage to the structure.

burnt and destroyed kitchen range and cabinets

Grease Fire Extreme Fire Damage in Oyster Bay

Most fires in an Oyster Bay home occur in the kitchen. The grease from a frying pan can lead to unintended fire damage. We can clean up the mess and eliminate the odors. SERVPRO advises all our neighbors to have an ABC fire extinguisher handy under the sink to minimize the destruction a fire can cause.

water pooling on concrete floor in a basement, door and stairway visible

Oyster Bay Water Leak

The leak from the supply line in the water heater in the semi-finished basement left the pool of liquid on the concrete slab. The homeowner, now our client, called us immediately to extract the water and dry the area. We were able to mitigate the damage with our fast arrival.