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Flooded Basement from broken expansion tank

Elderly customers basement flooded with water from a old expansion tank attached to her boiler. 

Wet Carpet Restoration Services in Oyster Bay

This Oyster Bay carpet got soaked and needed extraction of the water even though it had no potential for restoration due to the amount of time elapsed between t... READ MORE

Extensive Scale Mold Damage Remediation in Oyster Bay Home

When the humidity levels and temperatures are right in Oyster Bay homes, naturally occurring airborne spores can germinate. Once the mold damage sets up, it can... READ MORE

Water Damage Cleanup on Carpet in Oyster Bay Home

As long as the water damage is from clean water and the cleanup in the Oyster Bay home begins within 24 hours after the event, there is hope for keeping your ca... READ MORE

Little Bathroom with Big Water Damage in Oyster Bay

Even a small-size bathroom in an Oyster Bay home can be the center of a large-scale water damage problem. Toilet backups, in particular, bring a large number of... READ MORE

Oyster Bay Basement Takes On Water Damage

When an Oyster Bay homeowner undertakes the time and expense to upgrade their basement into a functional family room, it is even more devastating when water dam... READ MORE

Oyster Bay Vacant Property Has Mold + Storm Damage

This vacant house in Oyster Bay had severe storm damage that did not get discovered for several days. During that time, the water that entered the home creating... READ MORE

Oyster Bay Severe Storm Damage Cleanup

A homeowner Oyster Bay found flood damage pouring into their basement. Several inches of standing water was resident in the room when they called in SERVPRO to ... READ MORE

Flood Damage Creeps into Oyster Bay Basement

When heavy rains brought flood damage into the finished basement of this Oyster Bay home, SERVPRO techs needed to perform a significant amount of controlled dem... READ MORE

Oyster Bay Basement Fireplace Fire Damage Cleanup

When a puff back incident occurred in this Oyster Bay home, the fire damage was minimal, and the home's smoke damage was massive. When everything in the furnace... READ MORE