What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

When our toaster oven caused a kitchen fire, I thought I would have to replace all my cabinets. When your technicians cleaned the ashes and treated the cabinets, they looked better than ever before.

The SERVPRO team is super quick and thorough in their process. When you see them in action you can tell they know how to work their equipment to make the process seamless.  I highly recommend them to all my friends.

We had a fire in our storage shed and thought we had lost everything we keep in there. Your fleet arrived quickly and helped us decide on what we could clean and keep and what we needed to toss.  They even took care of hauling it to the dumpster.

My husband and I weren’t sure of how to coordinate the cleanup and the insurance claim when our kitchen caught on fire. The SERVPRO team helped us every step of the way and shared their own documentation to help us.  We’re so happy we called them.

I had low expectations when I called SERVPRO since I had never called a company like this before. But when they arrived quickly and explained what they would do to return my house to normal, I was sold!  Now I tell all my friends and family how simple the process is with a professional on the helm.

When I found residue inside my closet, I knew I needed expert help.  Your specialized team did not disappoint me, and they were super quick and thorough.  Can’t imagine trying to clean everything on my own!